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Our Bakery Approach

‘Cakeaway,’ as its name suggests, will plan the cakes to fit your needs no matter what the occasion is. We have been at your administration in Islamabad for a few years but manufacture many cakes and pastries. Islamabad now has a truly unique pastry kitchen to bring you the true taste of home heating combined with traditional cuisine. 


Modernization with a classic touch is important to us, and we strive to bring clients something new and different from the norm.

Our Mission

We prepare extreme cakes decorated with feelings and love iced with our crisp, imaginative, and enticing cakes to draw in individuals. A variety of cake plans are available to us, and we are always thinking of new ideas.

We deliver your cake when we convey your request, together with joy, rapture, and feelings associated with it. We aim to make everyone happy, or, as we would say, it’s more of a side interest than a custom.

Every individual has a unique taste, and so does their personality. Cakeaway understands that individuals’ preferences may change, and we deal with that. You can count on us concerning the taste and structure of our cakes, loaded with cream enough to make you hungry.

Why Choose us:

  • As a high-end bakery in Islamabad, we serve a wide range of products
  • We make all our products with the finest & best ingredients
  • Our pastry chefs are among the best
  • We can also cater for custom orders, including events, weddings, and birthday parties

Our Chefs

We have awesome chefs in our team. We are also always looking for new people to join our team. Our chefs know their stuff very well.

Michale Joe

Expert in Cake Making

Roger B.

Expert in Sandwich Making

Mark J.

Expert in Pizzas

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